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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Goa Carnival

Carnival in Goa is a 3-day long festival of colors and music, providing a healthy source of entertainment for people of all religions and age groups. This three day event of fun, frolic, amusement and merry-making, takes place in February. The Goa Carnival festival is one of the most eagerly awaited events of the year.

The word Carnival is derived from a Latin word meaning ‘to take away meat’ and is an expression of the 40-day period of fasting of Lent, during which abstinence from meat is a rule.

The main highlight of Goan carnival is to have fun by indulging in singing, dancing, feasting, etc. before the 40 day abstinence period of Lent before Easter. The history of the Goan carnival goes back almost 500 years. It was essentially introduced in Goa by the Portuguese. On the opening day of the carnival, King Momo, the king of the Cranival, presides over the festival and "orders" his subjects to party and indulge in merry making.

In Goan villages, however, the festivities have a more indigenous flavor. Though celebrated by the Christian population of Goa, the carnival's only relevance to Christianity is that it is celebrated before Lent. The festival today has no religious undertones and has come to be a cultural highlight of the state, rather than of the religion.

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